Ruth Scholarship


The RUTH SCHOLARSHIP is designed to be awarded for women ages 16-25, who have overcome adversity whether it be by breaking with their past, or have found themselves in a situation not unlike the young woman of the Old Testament story. The book of Ruth provides a wonderful picture of a young woman giving up all that is familiar to honor her mother-in-law—and ultimately God. Her sacrifice eventually placed her in the lineage of  Christ and gave her a permanent place in history.

The ideal candidate for the Ruth Scholarship will be able to articulate how her own life models the story of a brave choice to overcome adversity or difficulty, and use the experience to make a lasting contribution to the world around her.

Stay tuned for 2019 Ruth Scholarship information.


Education Scholarship

“May Adonai bless you, my daughter.
Your latest kindness is even greater
than your first..."- Ruth 3:10, CJB

"Then the women said to Naomi, 'Blessed be Adonai, who today has provided you a redeemer!' "
-Ruth 4:14, CJB

Naomi Scholarship

The NAOMI SCHOLARSHIP is for women over 40. The candidate for the Naomi scholarship might find that she, like the woman of the Old Testament story, has been presented with incredible adversity or is possibly coping with life events that she never saw coming. Yet, she doesn’t give up and presses on, seizing every opportunity and mentoring younger ones, sharing her wisdom to place people in incredible opportunities that have life-changing results.

Stay tuned for 2019 Naomi Scholarship information.