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The Mechanics of Forgiveness

The Mechanics of Forgiveness

by Becky Ronquillo on February 20, 2018

The Mechanics of Forgiveness

God got the glory today and the devil ran with his tail between his boney legs.

For the last four days I nursed an offense that came about after some routine car maintenance. $600 later my car ran worse than ever. The young man at the auto place was—I thought—arrogant, condescending and void of any compassion, calling it all an unfortunate coincidence and told me I was highly confrontational in my approach and he had to stand his ground.

For four days (it was a holiday weekend) I constantly rehearsed all I would say to him. He did agree to investigate but would accept no responsibility for my dilemma. Meanwhile, my spine started to hurt so bad I told my husband that it was good he bought the insurance for our summer cruise because the intensity of pain was suggesting I may not be able to go as planned. I had nightmares of driving on the freeway while parts of my car started falling off. I realized my peace was gone!

All the while my immune system was being drained out of my body like the transmission flush they did to my car.

I returned today for resolution but changed my demeanor. I looked the young man in the eye, took hold of his hands and asked him to forgive me for being offensive. I explained how I was never grateful for my car when it was running wonderfully and how I needed it to be there for all my medical appointments and for taking my 88-year-old mom around. I asked for his forgiveness. Tears rolled off my cheeks as I released him. Peace instantly returned.

Health returned as my immune system was instantaneously replenished. My back no longer hurts. Then I blessed him with peace and health and protection and prosperity. Thereafter, he apologized profusely for his behavior and lack of compassion. He told me that day he learned he was going to have a child and no one knew. 

I then pronounced a blessing on his child. He smiled. He said this day would forever be marked for him. By the way, my car now runs beautifully. Turns out the transmission fluid needed to be genuine Honda fluid and not a universal type good for nearly 80 types of cars.

1. If you are rehearsing dialogue for an upcoming need 
to let it go and forgive someone. 
2. If you want your immune system to function properly and physical pain 
 to may need to forgive someone. 
3. Don’t let offenses clog your transmission of God’s blessings. 
Don’t ever fill yourself with counterfeit products. It should only be the genuine love of Christ.

Becky Ronquillo is a member of the equipping team of Ladybug Women's Ministries. She currently serves as one of our online Bible study leaders, and has been sharing her health journey with her Facebook followers. This is a recent post from her "Faithbook" series, where she journals what God is showing her through the trial of cancer.