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Dependent on His Grace

Dependent on His Grace

by Lori Hartin on September 14, 2015
"I learned God-worship when my pride was shattered. Heart-shattered lives ready for love don't for a moment escape God's notice."
—Psalm 51:16-17, MSG

This Psalm of repentance was written by David at a desperate time in his life. He had committed unspeakable acts, ones that couldn't be atoned with any sacrifices prescribed by the Law. His only choice would be to throw himself at the Mercy of God.

I'm currently teaching a Bible study at my home church that looks at four nameless women's stories. Revisiting this Psalm was part of the session that examines the woman who anointed Jesus' feet in the seventh chapter of the book of Luke.

Although her sins are not specifically named, one thing is clear—she was despised. But what others thought of her seemed to be furthest from her mind as she boldly entered the home where Jesus dined, uninvited and unwelcomed. Yet, she performed the acts of a most gracious host—washing and kissing His feet, then anointing them with a prized possession, costly fragrance from a jar dangling around her neck.

At this moment, all the important people in that house faded into the background as Jesus' attention—and forgiveness—were fully focused on her. Her shattered heart, although full of regret for the years she had wasted, was full of love and adoration for Him. At that moment, she was fully dependent on His grace, and it proved sufficient.

As the Scripture reads, we do learn authentic worship when our pride is shattered; when it doesn't matter that we're treading on ground where we're unwelcome. We learn authentic worship when we push past everything to throw ourselves at the feet of Jesus' mercy and grace. And when we do, it never escapes His notice!